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Why Sky Skills Is The Right Wind Tunnel Coaching For You

Sky Skills Wind Tunnel Coaching is run by Chris Shaw. Chris has over 35 years of skydiving experience, over 4000 jumps and the equivalent of over 70 hours in free fall time. Chris has competed in the UK Nationals in 4 and 8 way teams over the last 10 years and is Inside Centre in the 4 way team Paradox in 2019 and was Outside Centre on World Champions Siolfur 330 . Click here to see Paradox (Sky Skills Associates and Chris) in action in the wind tunnel. 

Chris has a record of success in coaching teams and individuals in the air and in Wind Tunnels over many years. He is also a qualified skydiving Coach and Accelerated Freefall Instructor which means you know you are in proven and safe hands.

Chris has Sky Skills Associates that are selected and called on when demand is such that several coaches are needed. These Associates are current competitive Formation Skydivers who have both the latest skydiving techniques and proven coaching skills. This maintains the Sky Skills goal of  ensuring every Sky Skills client is given individual attention so their learning in the Wind Tunnel, as well as their "fun factor" are maximised. Take a look at Team Paradox with Chris and the Sky Skills Associates Dave, Michelle and Mark, in this clip from one of their training camps.

This means when you choose to use Sky Skills either simply for the experience of flying your body or to develop your own existing skydiving skills, you know you will be getting both a proven coaching ability and the latest skills and techniques used by the top skydivers in the world today.

When not skydiving or tunnel coaching, Chris enjoys SCUBA diving as a qualified PADI diver.This is another sport where weightlessness and freedom of movement are part of the total experience. If you'd like to know more about SCUBA and gaining PADI qualifications, click here .

Sky Skills undoubtedly offers the best Wind Tunnel coaching and the best value for skydivers and new comers alike, of all levels and capabilities. Call Chris Shaw on +44 (0) 7802 224523 today or email Chris  to book your tunnel time or to discuss options and possibilities.

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