2018 was a great year for Sky Skills clients and 2019 is looking to be even better. We have coached many individuals who needed a bit of help to qualify for their AFF and who, after visiting Sky Skills, went back to complete their training without a problem. So far Sky Skills has a 100% success rate at helping people through AFF.
In addition we have been coaching a number of teams, many of which have come back for another year to further develop their skills. Sky Vandals, winners of the Silver medal at the 2011 UK National Championships in "Rookie" class and coached by Chris, came back the next year to be coached to compete at the higher level in 2012 then winning Bronze in AA in 2013. They went on to win Gold for GB in both 2014 and 2016 at the World POPs Meets. Here are the first line-up of Sky Vandals at the tunnel.
As part of team development , Sky Skills uses a "2 on 2" training technique, to really maximise teams' learning.

Sky Skills is proud that more than 90% of it's customers are either returning clients or recommended to us by previous clients.

Let's see what some of Sky Skills clients say about training with us..........
D4G2-10 3.jpg

Dont4get and Friends

The above photo is of Dont4Get, a 4 Way Team from Germany, plus their camera flyer (in yellow suit) and their pilot. They visited Sky Skills in February 2010 for the third year running, after two successful camps in 2008 and 2009. Dont4Get developed their advanced flying skills for competitive skydiving. After the camp this year, their feedback was,

"We're back for the third year in a row now, learning new stuff each time and developing and improving as a team. This year you skyrocketed us forward, we did more flying than ever, covered the entire dive pool even though our aim had not been that high, and this year's skills camp by far exceeded our expectations. We're well set for the season to come, and we had lots of fun. Thanks a lot."

4 way team Silver Fox
In January 2010 Sky Skills coached a newly formed 4 way team "Silver Fox", shown above. Their feed back after 60 minutes of coached flying time was," I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions yesterday and I feel that we have made some really good and significant progress and understanding of 4 way techniques. Personally I felt that all the extra stuff was giving my brain a good workout which means that I am learning the most I possibly can in the time we have! Silver Fox came back to Sky Skills in 2011 to compete in the next higher skydiving class and again went to the UK National championships.

During our time operating here Sky Skills hosted a number of clients. Here is a selection of what they said to us about their coaching.

Mark flew all the way from Scotland for 30 minutes of Sky Skills coaching, to develop more advanced flying skills, including "Big Way" techniques. His feedback was, "In addition to the excellent coaching, it is the level of personal service you offer that makes a big difference compared with slotting in on a large tunnel camp. Many thanks again for the tunnel coaching on Wednesday. Really enjoyed it and learned loads."

Kate had 15 minutes coaching from Sky Skills prior to her AFF course with Free Fall University. After qualifying, she told Sky Skills, "Thank you for your great coaching in the tunnel, it definitely was the reason I got through my AFF with no expensive repeats and also allowed me to enjoy my course even more. I love turning in freefall just as much as in the tunnel. Thanks again for all your help, it was really appreciated." You can see Kate passing her Level 7 AFF jump, and turning in free fall, here .

Nick came to Sky Skills part way through his AFF course. After 30 minutes of coaching, here is what he said, "Thanks very much Chris I loved every minute and can't wait
to put what you taught me into action when I skydive next. I really appreciate the confidence you have given me."

Tim and Peter are part of a 3 way group (with Chris Shaw of Sky Skills making up the 4th person) who are learning the techniques needed for 4 Way team flying. They are doing this both to improve their personal flying and to learn new skills. They have made great progress over a couple of sessions and commented in July, "It was an excellent day which we thoroughly enjoyed and felt that we learnt a great deal. Can't wait for our next session."

Paddy came to Sky Skills when his AFF progress had stalled. After 15 minutes of coached flying with Sky Skills, we diagnosed why he had an inbuilt turn and remedied that. Without that issue to deal with Paddy also picked up the skills to fly in total control during his tunnel time, then went back to Free Fall University  just 2 days after his tunnel coaching, to complete his course . The very next day he texted Sky Skills to say, "I've just passed my Level 7 first go! Very many thanks for the coaching."



laurie  2 3-08.jpg

Laurie (above) came to Sky Skills to brush up his free fall skills after a few years away from the sport. He did this so that he could take part in the first organised free fall jumps over Mount Everest. Laurie obviously put his Sky Skills to the test, jumping from an altitude of 29,500 feet! His feedback from his tunnel time was," Our tunnel time was my first step towards preparation for the "big one". I thought my progress in the tunnel was spectacularly "phernomoernalll" - though I do say so myself!  .....it was of course your input/coaching that delivered the progress and maintained the fun.  So thanks again."

Here's Laurie, back to the camera with his rig on, about to take the plane on the right to nearly 30,000' with Everest in the background



JB Geeking small oval 3.jpg

This is Jon having fun in Bodyflight. Jon said of his time in the tunnel "Thank you so much for yesterday - I had a thoroughly good time, learned loads, feel prepared and cannot wait to do my AFF! " This clearly worked as Jon completed his AFF at Free Fall University in just 6 jumps in one day - yes one day - after 30 minutes of tunnel coaching with Sky Skills.


After completing his skydiving course following Sky Skills tunnel coaching, Craig told us, "having just come back from my AFF at Free Fall University, I wanted to let you know what a huge benefit that 15 mins was. It was a massive confidence boost, and really helped me to get past level 7 without any expensive repeats!" referring to the price of 15 minutes tunnel coaching at £190 against repeat levels in AFF that can be as much as £200 for each repeat. 

Andy, who had flown with Sky Skills prior to his successful AFF course in 2008, came back to the tunnel with Sky Skills to brush up his skills in February 2009. After a great 30 minutes of tunnel time Andy said, " Thanks for the day. It was awesome and well worth the time spent with you. I appreciate your coaching and time; I look forward to the next time"


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