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Wind Tunnel flying undoubtedly offers flyers a really safe and fun environment in which to experience "free fall" and to learn to fly their body. Without all the pressures of wearning gear, jumping from a plane, wondering about their height and stability, worrying if their parachute will open and then having to focus on landing their parachute safely, tunnel flyers can simply concentrate on learning free fall skills. With all those other stresses taken away, the rate of learning for tunnel flyers is rapid. In addition, they effectively do the equivalent of at least 15 skydives in one session with Sky Skills. That would usually take many days on a drop zone, so learning in the tunnel really consolidates all the skills. Sky Skills coaches are also able to move in a tunnel (for example, standing on the net to communicate with the flyer) in ways that simply aren't possible in free fall. All of this means tunnel coaching from Sky Skills is a relatively stress free yet rapid learning environment.


                                                                             Sky Skills Associate Michelle - Left

The Picture above, of Sky Skills Associate Michelle, coaching Rosie (15 at the time) shows just how stress free and fun tunnel flying can be.

As great as Wind Tunnels are to learn to fly in - and they are - they are no substitute for the absolute thrill of making a real skydive. There are many ways in which someone interested in making a skydive or taking up the sport can get started. If you are thinking about trying some Wind Tunnel Coaching which may lead on to you making a skydive, there are many sources that can help decide which way forward is best for you.

Good places to look for more information on making that first skydive are the British Parachute Association web site by clicking here  or the equivalent in America, the US Parachute Association by clicking here .

                                                           Chris tracking away from the end of a skydive               

These days the most popular way to take up skydiving as a sport is through a concentrated training programme called Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). If you would like to know more about AFF, why it is so popular, how you could learn to skydive and qualify in just a few days and the costs involved, then click on Free Fall University . To watch a real AFF skydive at Free Fall University, click here.

Sky Skills has coached many pre-AFF students in the Bodyflight Wind Tunnel. This means that, before they go and skydive for real, these students have the peace of mind knowing they can fly themselves under complete control. Check out the excellent feedback from some of our clients who have flown with Sky Skills before undertaking AFF, by clicking on our "What Our Clients Say"  page. Sky Skills coaching prior to AFF has clearly made all the difference to their confidence and skill level.

Here is a photo of Isabel, who at 14 and with over 2 hours of flying time in the tunnel with Sky Skills, has to wait 2 more years before she can do her AFF!

                                                 Mad Isabel - crazy but an excellent flyer

As an alternative to flying in a Wind Tunnel or making a solo jump with Instructors through AFF, you can gain all the thrills and experience of free fall by making a Tandem Skydive. As a Tandem passenger, you would be firmly attached to a qualified Instructor who can take all the worry out of making a jump on your own, just as this picture shows.


If you are interested in making a Tandem skydive click on Headcorn Parachute Club for more information.

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