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Wind Tunnel Coaching Prices

Sky Skills takes a unique approach to the way it offers it's services. Some coaches run "camps" which are set up by them on fixed dates and then you buy a slot on that camp. Other coaches will coach you for a fee, leaving you to buy the time when it suits you to fly. Both of these are great ways to be able to be coached in the wind tunnel.
The Sky Skills' difference is that Sky Skills tailors it's packages to fit around you, your time and your needs. Sky Skills does this in an all inclusive way, taking care of booking the tunnel times you want when you want them, all the preparation, paying for the tunnel and arranging any other logistics like airport pick up by taxi. When you deal with Sky Skills, we take on all the headaches, leaving you to concentrate on learning and having fun at the wind tunnel.
Sky Skills prices include all your tunnel flying time, a personalised and targeted flight plan, full pre-briefing, in air coaching, feedback between each flying slot, full debriefing after each session ends and Memory Stick containing all flights to take away. This is followed up with written highlights and debrief of the flights.
Sky Skills is pleased to have kept their prices stable for the last 6 years.
In 2018 the Indoor Wind Tunnel facility that Sky Skills uses changed ownership. With this change of ownership Sky Skills now offers coaching on a very competitive "Price Per Booking" basis.
So please do call or email with your enquiry about any prices for Sky Skills coaching.

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